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摘要: 这篇文章为大家整理了49个作文中经常会用到的“靓词金句”,帮助英语二作文拿高分,一起来学习!




  靓词 1: attach

  金句:One should attach more importance to inner beauty than physical appearance. 人应该更重视内在美而不是外表。

  靓词 2:attribute(把…归因于…)

  金句:Some attribute the problem to the lack of education, but I believe the key reason is the absence of severe laws.有些人把这一问题归因于缺乏教育,但我认为关键原因是缺乏严厉的法律。

  靓词 3:accomplish(完成,实现)

  金句:Nothing can be accomplished without perseverance.没有毅力将一事无成。

  靓词 4:adapt(使......适应)

  金句:By taking a part-time job, a college student can better adapt himself or herself to society.通过做兼职,大学生可以使自己更好地适应社会。

  靓词 5:addicted(上瘾的)

  金句:Some students are so addicted to online games that rarely spend any time on their study.一些学生如此沉溺于网络游戏以至于很少花时间学习。

  靓词 6:apply(应用;适用)

  金句:By taking part-time jobs, students can also apply what they have learnt to practice.通过做兼职,学生也可以将自己之所学应用于实践。

  靓词 7:access(接近或得到…的机会)

  金句:By using MOOC or TED, one can have access to a large amount of pioneering knowledge and concepts.通过使用 MOOC 和 TED,我们可以有机会接触到大量的前卫知识和理念。

  靓词 8:acquire(获得;学到)

  金句:Acquiring a foreign language is of great necessity if one wants to succeed in such an increasingly interdependent world.在这样一个越来越相互依赖的世界,要想成功,就很有必要习得一门外语。

  靓词 9:attractive(有吸引力的,有魅力的)

  金句:Many college courses are not attractive, for they are neither informative nor entertaining.很多大学课程没有吸引力,既无知识性,也无趣味性。

  靓词 10:boom(繁荣,快速发展)

  金句:The past decade or so has witnessed the birth and boom of e-commerce in China.过去的十年左右时间见证了电子商务在中国的诞生与繁荣。

  靓词 11:balance(平衡)

  金句:We often need to strike a balance between our family and career.我们往往需要在事业与家庭之间取得平衡。

  靓词 12:benefit(受益)

  金句:You will benefit a great deal from this course even if you do not intend to attend CET-6.即使你不考六级,也可以从这门课程中受益匪浅。

  靓词 13:boast(自豪地拥有)

  金句 1:As a nation boasting a history of over 5,000 years, Chinese people are known for their splendid culture.作为一个自豪地拥有五千多年历史的民族,中国人民以其灿烂的文化而闻名。

  靓词 14:belong(属于)

  金句:Though some individuals have achieved success with the help of plastic surgery, they belong to the absolute minority.尽管有些人在整容手术的帮助下取得了成功,但他们属于绝对的少数。

  靓词 15:boost(推动,促进)

  金句:The boom of auto industry is bound to boost the development of a series of downstream industries.汽车行业的繁荣一定会促进一系列下游产业的发展。

  靓词 16:commit (suicide)(自杀)

  金句:The importance of mental health can be reflected by the number of people committing suicide.心理健康的重要性可以从自杀者的数量上得到反映。

  靓词 17:confront(使面临)

  金句:There is no denying the fact that air pollution has become a grave problem with which we are confronted.不容否认,空气污染已经成为我们面临的一个严峻问题。

  靓词 17:confront(勇敢面对)

  金句:One has to learn to confront setbacks and failures in his life squarely.我们必须学会正视生活中的挫折与失败。

  靓词 18:circumstance(环境;情况)

  金句:Under no circumstances should we lose our heart.任何情况下我们都不应该失去信心。

  靓词 19:convince(说服某人相信)

  金句:I am convinced that hard work will pay off eventually.我坚信努力终有回报。

  靓词 20:concentrate(集中)

  金句:Concentrating your effort on one point and keeping at it usually lead you to success. 集中精力于一点并且持之以恒,通常会使你走向成功。

  靓词 21:conquer(征服,克服)

  金句:Tremendous delight can be derived from the process of conquering challenges.从克服困难的过程中可以获得巨大的快乐。

  靓词 22:cultivate(培养)

  金句 :Efforts should be made to cultivate students' interest in writing.应该努力培养学生对写作的兴趣。

  靓词 23:crucial(关键的,决定性的)

  金句:Various factors contributed to his success, but courage and insight played the crucial role.多种因素促成了他的成功,但胆识起了关键作用。

  靓词 24:crisis(危机)

  金句:Currently, we seem to be troubled by a variety of crises: energy crisis, trust crisis, environment crisis…, none of which can be curbed without the coordination of different sections of this society.目前,我们似乎被各种各样的危机所困扰:能源危机、信任危机、环境危机……没有社会各阶层的协调,任何一种危机都无法得到遏制

  靓词 25:damage(损害)

  金句:Second-hand smoking causes grave damage to the health of non-smokers; therefore, it is imperative to enforce new regulations to control smoking.二手烟对不吸烟者的健康造成严重损害,因此实施新的控烟规定势在必行。

  靓词 26:devote(奉献,把时间、精力等专用于)

  金句:He devoted all his life to the cause of science and technology of our motherland.他把毕生献给了祖国的科技事业。

  靓词 27:distinguish(区分)

  金句:In such a dazzling and confusing world, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the good and the evil.在这样一个令人眼花缭乱、目迷五色的世界,有时候很难区分善与恶。

  靓词 28:desirable(令人想往的,优秀的)

  金句:Despite her desirable academic performance and abundant experience, she was denied the job opportunity, which was definitely due to sexual discrimination.尽管她成绩优秀、经验丰富,却未得到该工作机会,绝对是因为性别歧视。

  靓词 29: enable(使……能够)

  金句:The Internet enables many modern people to work from home.互联网使很多现代人能在家上班。

  靓词 30: enrich(丰富)

  金句:While enriching our life and facilitating our communication, the increasing number of APPs on cell phones also distract us to a considerable degree.尽管越来越多的手机应用丰富了我们的生活、方便了我们的交流,它们也在很大程度上分散了我们的注意力。

  靓词 31: excessive(过度的)

  金句:The excessive use of mobile phones has severely affected students' working efficiency in class, so much so that some schools have to ban the use of them during lectures.手机的过度使用严重地影响了学生的课堂学习效率,以致有些学校禁止在听课时使用手机。

  靓词 32: engage(使参加)

  金句:Mother Teresa enthusiastically engaged herself in the cause of charity for her whole life, and eventually was remembered by the whole world as one of the most extraordinary charitarians.特蕾莎修女毕生积极投身于慈善事业,最终作为最杰出的慈善家之一为世人所记住。

  靓词 33: endeavor(努力)

  金句:The authorities have made it explicit that they will endeavor to eradicate corruption, whether it involves 'tigers' or "flies".当局已经明确表示将努力消除腐败,不管牵涉到的是"苍蝇"还是"老虎"。

  靓词 34: enroll(招收)

  金句:Chinese universities have enrolled so many students in the past years that the number of graduates has far exceeded the demand in the job market, which eventually resulted in pressure on employment.中国大学最近几年招收了太多的学生,结果毕业生的数量大大超过了就业市场的需求,最终造成就业压力。

  靓词 35: ensure(确保)

  金句:In order to ensure success in society, college students should equip themselves with both professional knowledge and social ability.为了确保在社会上成功,大学生应该既具备专业知识,也具备社交能力。


  金句:Everyone is entitled to pursue happiness, but no one should do it at the expense of other's lawful rights and interests.每个人都有追求幸福的权利,但任何人都不应该以他人的合法权益为代价。

  靓词 37:exaggerate(夸大)

  金句:Instead of exaggerating the challenges we are faced with, we should try to explore our possibilities to overcome them.我们不应该夸大自己面临的困难,而应该努力探索克服困难的可能。

  靓词 38:emphasis(强调)

  金句:Some people lay so much emphasis on making meticulous plans that they fail to take actions in time.有些人过于强调制订周密的计划,因而未能及时采取行动。

  靓词 39: embrace (拥抱,欢迎)

  金句:That we embrace international cultural exchanges does not mean that we should go to the extreme of accepting Western culture uncritically.我们欢迎国际文化交流不意味着对西方文化照单全收。

  靓词 40: earn(挣到,赢得)

  金句:They have earned an enormous amount of money by exploiting local natural resources.他们通过开采当地的自然资源谋取了暴利。

  靓词 41:favor(赞成,喜欢)

  金句:I am in favor of recovering the Labor Day Golden Week while preserving the holidays around the Tomb-sweeping Day and the Dragon Boat Festival.我赞成恢复五一黄金周,同时保留清明节和端午节假期。

  靓词 42:fulfill:履行、满足、实现

  金句 :To solve this problem, relevant departments need to fulfill their duty of supervision and administration.要解决这一问题,相关部门需要履行其监管职责。

  靓词 43:facilitate(促进,帮助)

  金句:Though such searching engines as Baidu and Google have greatly facilitated our life and work, they also endanger our ability to think independently.尽管百度和 Google 这样的搜索引擎大大便利了我们的生活和工作,它们也危及我们的独立思考能力。

  靓词 44:foundation(基础)

  金句:Confronted with the fierce competition in the contemporary job market, we should make use of all favorable conditions and lay a solid foundation in both professional knowledge and interpersonal connections.面临着当今就业市场的激烈竞争,我们应该利用一切有利条件,在专业知识和人际关系方面打下坚实基础。

  靓词 45:gap(差距)

  金句:The gap between the countryside and the city has been gradually narrowed in China in the past decades 过去几十年中,中国的城乡差距在逐步缩小。

  靓词 46:guarantee (保证)

  金句:In order to guarantee a desirable employment rate, the authorities have taken a series of measures to generate more job opportunities.为了确保较好的就业率,当局已经采取了一系列措施创造更多就业机会。

  靓词 47:hinder(阻碍)

  金句:The act of plagiarism is bound to hinder the development of culture, education and science.抄袭行为势必会阻碍文化、教育与科学的发展。

  靓词 48:horizon(视野)

  金句:We should get ourselves involved in more social activities with an aim to broaden our horizon and increase our experience.我们应该参加更多社会活动,以开阔视野,增长阅历。

  靓词 49:immoral(不道德的)

  金句:A host of factors account for these immoral and illegal deeds, but the key one is the lack of stern laws.很多因素可以解释这些不道德的违法行为,但关键是缺乏严厉的法律。








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